KAPL, a Government of India Enterprise is committed to the primary mission of manufacturing and marketing quality life-saving drugs to make them available to the masses of India.

While fulfilling this objective, KAPL has made its presence felt both in domestic and export markets consisting of institutions and trade.

A professional, highly skilled and motivated management of work force has been able to provide our strong presence in pharma, veterinary and export business in a highly competitive market of pharmaceuticals.

Being  an ISO – QMS & EMS accredited company, it is equally committed to quality and environment.  We are committed for the quality, reliability and high performance through highest standard of honest workmanship in whatever we do in line with the latest GMP requirement and technology.

Walking the extra mile to satisfactorily serve the healthcare needs at the most competitive considerations, I am sure, the company will move towards excelling in every activity with proactive decision making and serving the internal as well as external customers at large [ employees, stakeholders and the society].

With all my love and pride in this organization, I must state that there is something which is bigger than the organization and that is our company and our people.

I am confident that the trust reposed in KAPL will go a long way for harvesting quality products and services in every form of your association with us.

All the best


Managing Director